The Prizes

The Prizes

Axxion Les Paul by Kagmakis

After years of experience in the building and sales of guitars, we have managed to create one of the best “value for money” instrument in its class. By carefully selecting the woods and the hardware, we have managed to reach a result higher than our expectations. With selected hardware such as Grover Tuners, Tusq or Graph Tech Nuts, CTS pots, Switchcraft selectors and input jacks, Orange Drop capacitors, there aren’t many upgrades anyone can do.Finally, the GAS Handmade Pickups we use, literally make the instrument sing!

JHS Bonsai

9 Tube Screamers in one pedal is no small feat. All the Tube Screamers you can use, in one pedal. From the OD-1, TS-808, TS-9 to the Keeley Mods, and of course the famous JHS Mod.

Space Spiral

This comes from a company that needs no introductions. To anyone who is starting their journey into boutique effects, Earthquacker Devices is one of the first brands to welcome them. The “Space Spiral” is an acclaimed modulated delay pedal, ideal to let your imagination free.

Crazy Tube Cirquits Falcon

Falcon was designed as a painstakingly close emulation of the circuits found in the sounds of a 5E3 Tweed Deluxe and a 6G2 Brownface Princeton. With every detail in mind we copied the behavior, sound and feel of the preamp, phase inverter and power amp of both these designs. Applying JFET technology we managed to recreate not only the overdriven sounds but the lower gain / clean sounds as well.

Tsakalis AudioWorks Galactic

A pedal that made a very big, first impression from day one. Phaser, Univibe, Vibrato, Rotary and Flanger, all in one pedal, with the known quality only Tsakalis AudioWorks can deliver.

Jam Pedals TubeDreamer 88

This Double Overdrive by Jam Pedals, is used by artists such as Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Alex Skolnick, Dweezil Zappa, Andy Latimer (Camel) and more. The “TubeDreamer 88” combines the “TubeDreamer 72” and the “TubeDreamer 58” in one double pedal with a high/low gain switch.

GAS T-53 Blues set

GAS T-53 Blues set is designed for those Telecaster players who want the dirty 50’s blues sound (and not only…) in the likes of Roy Buchanan & Albert Collins. The “GASmooth” pickup in the neck position offers the classic, smooth Tele neck tone, while “The Messiah” pickup in the bridge position, is the ultimate blues-rock tool, rich in harmonics, with a wide dynamic range and, of course, that desired twang!

Two Notes Captor

There was no way that this brand could be missing from our contest. Currently, it is probably the hottest brand when it comes to recording, as well as for live situations. The Captor (DI, Loadbox, Speaker Simulator and Attenuator) provides you with the capability to use and record your tube amp on any volume level you want.

Truetone CS12

The best seller power supply from the number #1 brand. They first introduced themselves with their 1-Spot and we came to love them for their CS6, CS7 and CS12, the last one being their premium model. By having 12 isolated outlets, it provides us with all the desired voltage options (from 4,5V up to 18V) and endless mA for all of our pedals. All this, noiseless!


The finalist who will choose this prize, will have the chance to record their song at “MusicFor” Recording Studios and also record a video clip as an extra bonus.

Minotaur Guitar Strap

The famous and beautifully designed instrument straps, have been providing style and safety to our guitars and basses for years. For the first 5 winners.

Providence Cables

Made in Japan, one of the best and well-known makers of boutique cables and effect pedals. They are directed to anyone who pays attention to even the smallest detail in their tone.